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Altadena doesn’t imitate. With residents describing themselves as funky, kooky, and independent, it’s a neighborhood that is proud of its eccentric identity. Eaton Canyon and Echo Mountain are only a stone’s throw away, where the incomparable hiking trails give you access to local wildlife in the form of barn owls, mule deer, desert cottontails and Cooper’s hawks. Good schools and an alert police force make for a peaceful neighborhood that’s great for first-time buyers, or parents looking for a great place to raise their children. You definitely won’t want to miss Altadena’s Wednesday Night Farmers Market. Let Altadena Realtor, Joy Bolger show you around. Most homes priced around $820,000.

“Altadena is a breath of fresh air, close to the city but far from the grind.”


Hit up the Lincoln Cafe for breakfast burritos or brunch, then stop by Cafe De Leche for their legendary horchata con espresso.


While Refinery Boutique may be your best bet for vintage, you’ll find also find a unique selection of local goods at Meredith M and Lailah’s Loft.


Yes, more shopping — because these thrift shops are destination-worthy. Start at Full Circle Thrift, The Big Yard Sale or Lake Avenue Thrift.

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Looking for the perfect home? Let Joy show you around. From the most popular shops and restaurants to the less-travelled pockets, Joy knows the city intimately. Meet up for coffee before, or grab a glass of red after.

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