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The hilly ’hood, centered around its namesake lake, is home to eclectic live music, art galleries and dining scenes that hold their own. Whether you’re looking to catch a game at Dodger Stadium or see upcoming concerts at one of the city’s best small live music venues, the Echoplex, you’ll find it here. Vegan restaurants are aplenty here, along with laid-back cafes, pizzerias and Mexican eateries. Keep an eye out for butterflies while you feed the ducks at Echo Park Lake, then explore the artist’s paradise at the heart of this vibrant community. And you definitely don’t want to miss Echo Park Rising, where indie rock meets foodie bliss in an annual festival spanning multiple stages with an assortment of activities. Let Echo Park Realtor, Joy Bolger show you around. Most homes priced around $860,000.

“Echo Park is a unique and artistic community with many fun things to do!”


Grab dinner with friends at Ostrich Farm, Elf Cafe or Guisados, then swing by Little Joy or Short Stop for a craft cocktail and dance the night away!


Gingerly Witty, Nico & Bullitt, Kaleidoscope Kollective, Colibri on Sunset — there are so many go-to locations for fashion in Echo Park.


Echo Park Lake is a perfect place to spend an afternoon, where you can go for a hike or take your time pedal boating around the water.

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Looking for the perfect home? Let Joy show you around. From the most popular shops and restaurants to the less-travelled pockets, Joy knows the city intimately. Meet up for coffee before, or grab a glass of red after.

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