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The Foothills and Glendale have so much to offer. From excellent school systems, nature, quaint neighborhoods, to sidewalks, parks I can’t say enough! This area is still undervalued in my opinion. First, there is La Crescenta which offers Blue Ribbon schools and substantial sized homes. Then there is Sunland/Tujunga which is still one of the most affordable areas surrounding Los Angeles. With it’s beautiful trails, horses and hillside homes with views, this is a one of most aesthetic, yet affordable, areas of residence. Let Foothill Realtor, Joy Bolger show you around.

Next, there is La Canada which, again, has a phenomenal public school system and beautiful sprawling estates and architecture. Then, of course, there’s Glendale, with its own police and fire department, you feel like you are living that small town lifestyle but 20 minutes to downtown Los Angeles.

“You feel like you are living that small town lifestyle but 20 minutes to downtown Los Angeles.”

Some of my favorite haunts are:

La Canada Country Club

It’s a full mid-century time capsule! I play tennis there with friends and swim with cocktails poolside. Their membership is easy on the pocket.

La Canada Movie Theater

Their seats are so comfortable you are practically laying down while watching a great movie. And their nacho cheese is one of the finest in town. (We put it on our popcorn!)

Palmer Park

It’s one of my son’s favorite parks. They have really nice equipment and our son likes to watch the skaters in the adjacent skate ramp area.

Descanso Gardens

We go there with our children and let them run free before dinner time.

Taylor’s Steakhouse

It reminds me of old school steakhouses from the midwest.

The Americana

Duh, shopping!

The Proper

Great cocktails.

Trail Canyon Falls

Great hiking with a waterfall prize at the end.

Let’s grab coffee or a glass of wine

Looking for the perfect home? Let Joy show you around. From the most popular shops and restaurants to the less-travelled pockets, Joy knows the city intimately. Meet up for coffee before, or grab a glass of red after.

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